A Miracle Ground, A Solution Center

RCCG Prophecy 2018

  1. If you will Praise, Worship, and Serve me aggressively then I your Lord will:
  2. Give you all round Victory and Divine Satisfaction
  3. Settle all that need to be settled in your favour
  4. Establish you physically, spiritually, martially and financially
  5. Some of your enemies will genuinely turn away from their wicked ways to Serve your God
  6. Many individuals will return to God – their first-love. Many will find their destined spouse, but beware of Time – Wasters
  7. There will be massive release of the Power of the Holy ghost on the Youths, Adults and even Children. I will raise a New Army of True – Worshippers of Christ this year
  8. There will be transfer of riches. I will lift those of you written – off by men, if only you remain steadfast
  9. The revival some are yearning will begin, as this year marks the beginning of the END. NOTE: The revival will begin with you, I will create situations in your life that will warrant the Self-revival
  10. Many will rediscover their God given Gifts and talents, Parents will discover their Children’s gifts, many Children will hunger for righteousness this year
  1. The so call World powers will rise against themselves, but my WILL shall be prevail – there will be NO WAR
  2. There will be new discoveries in the following fields – Medicine, Space and Engineering
  3. Some Nations will begin to experience Stability
  4. There will be Natural disasters in some Developed and Developing Nations, water washing away things
  5. Another Self Proclaim Messiah will spring up, many will be deceived
  6. A Government will be toppled
  1. Many people will run to the Church for cover
  2. The Church will experience a New Phase of Anointing and Power of the Holy ghost
  3. You will experience persecution and Jealousy, don’t worry I have Overcome
  4. I will expose secret – sins and secret – sinners in the Church this year not minding your position in Church, cos I your God is Holy
  5. For the one Ordained to Serve God’s people, ISAIAH 55:5 will work for you


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